Photographer & Writer

Born in 1994 in Norwich, lives and works in London

2015–2018 photography studies at Norwich University of the Arts

Publications (Selected)

Automotive Economies are Moving Circular… And it Makes Sense, European Business Magazine, 2023

Money-laundering is a Global Problem, European Business Magazine, European Business Magazine, 2023

Despite and Still, Chambre Fluide Magazine, 2023

Home and Hinterland: The Constancy of Carl Jung's Tower, Chambre Fluide Magazine, 2022

Our Radio Wave Future, 5G Facts Website, 2021

Saul Leiter: An Unhurried Search for Beauty, Cluster London, 2020

Walker Evans: Words and a Documentary Calling Collide, Cluster London, 2020

Reconsidering Gordon Parks: The Atmosphere of CrimeCluster London

The Poetry of the Street André KertészCluster London, 2020

Helga Paris: Compassion in Times of Turmoil, Cluster London, 2020

Francesca Woodman's Exploratory Self-portraits, Cluster London, 2020

Jeff Wall — A Closer Look, Cluster London, 2020

5G: A Phantom Risk? The Global Investor & Brighton Journal Newspaper, 2020

Joskaudė Pakalkaitė Talks To Skateism, Skateism Magazine, 2016

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