Photographer & Writer

Born in 1994 in Norwich, lives and works in London

2015–2018 photography studies at Norwich University of the Arts

Publications (Selected)

Jean-Pierre Overbeek, Director of Gather, Interview, European Business Magazine, 2023 

Automotive Economies are Moving Circular… And it Makes Sense, European Business Magazine, 2023

Money-laundering is a Global Problem, European Business Magazine, 2023

Despite and Still, Chambre Fluide Magazine, 2023

Home and Hinterland: The Constancy of Carl Jung's Tower, Chambre Fluide Magazine, 2022

Our Radio Wave Future, 5G Facts Website, 2021

Saul Leiter: An Unhurried Search for Beauty, Cluster London, 2020

Walker Evans: Words and a Documentary Calling Collide, Cluster London, 2020

Reconsidering Gordon Parks: The Atmosphere of CrimeCluster London

The Poetry of the Street André KertészCluster London, 2020

Helga Paris: Compassion in Times of Turmoil, Cluster London, 2020

Francesca Woodman's Exploratory Self-portraits, Cluster London, 2020

Jeff Wall — A Closer Look, Cluster London, 2020

5G: A Phantom Risk? The Global Investor & Brighton Journal Newspaper, 2020

Joskaudė Pakalkaitė Talks To Skateism, Skateism Magazine, 2016

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